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Center Bushings


Hendrickson Equalizing Beam Center Bushings

Each Hendrickson center bushing is engineered for specific types of Hendrickson walking beam suspension capacities, applications, and configurations to maximize system performance.To help ensure high end user satisfaction and peak system performance Hendrickson supplies the same genuine components for service requirements as were installed in the original suspensions. Rubber Center Bushings — Proprietary rubber compound provides maximum bushing life while maintaining system performance attributes.

Fully Bonded Center Bushings ■ Designed for high‑capacity Hendrickson walking beam suspensions rated at 52,000 pound capacity ■ Low maintenance, helps maintain low tire wear ■ Provides the extra strength and durability necessary to routinely handle heavy loads ■ The bonded rubber to metal resists friction, therefore improving bushing life

High Confinement Center Bushings ■ Standard on all Hendrickson walking beam suspensions rated up to a 40,000 pound capacity ■ Can be specified up to a 46,000 pound capacity rating, when used in conjunction with transverse rods ■ Maintains a high resistance to bushing walkout over a longer period of time due to the confinement of the rubber

NOTE: These rubber bushings are also available with a loose plug for ease of cross tube installation

Bronze Center Bushings

■ Designed for severe applications that encounter extremely tight turns under heavy loads that are not equipped with transverse torque rods ■ Standard on Hendrickson walking beam suspensions rated at 46,000 and 52,000 pound capacities ■ Bronze bushing grease channels are precisely cut and located to ensure proper grease flow and long bushing life


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