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Bolster Springs


Shear and Compression Bolster Spring Loads The shear load component enables high suspension articulation and a lower unladen suspension spring rate. The compression load component allows the suspension to carry heavy loads.Trust genuine Hendrickson bolster springs to deliver these benefits and enable HN and HAULMAAX suspensions to operate and perform as designed. For optimum performance, HN and HAULMAAX suspensions require a soft spring rate when unloaded and a stiff spring rate when loaded.Typical competitor urethane bolster springs do not meet Hendrickson’s spring rate criteria, and their use will void any applicable Hendrickson warranty. In addition, competitor urethane bolsters can degrade ride quality and create excessive stress on the suspension. Hendrickson does not authorize the use of competitor urethane components in any HN or HAULMAAX suspension system.



Bolster Spring Service Kits HAULMAAX


Tie-bar Bolster Springs and Progressive Load Spring Service Kit 60961-712

Tie-bar Bolster Springs Service Kit 64179-048 2 Tie-bar Bolster Springs 1 Bolster Spring Spacer

Bolster Springs Service Kit 64179-049 2 Bolster Springs 1 Bolster Spring Spacer 1 Wear Plate 9 Flange Locknuts

HN (Feb. 1996 to Current) Service Kit 60879-000 2 Bolster Springs HN (Nov.1988 – Feb. 1996) Service Kit 64718-000 2 Bolster Springs

2 Tie-bar Bolster Spring Kit 64179-048 1 Progressive Load Spring Kit 60961-745

1 Wear Plate 1 Tie-bar Bolt 9 Flange Locknuts

Bolster springs should always be replaced with Hendrickson genuine bolster springs and in pairs per beam. See details in Hendrickson technical publications (HAULMAAX 17730‑244) and (HN 17730-227). Look for more information on Hendrickson products online at www.‌hendrickson-intl.com


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