Hendrickson Truck Parts Catalog

Center Bushings


STANDARD DUTY RUBBER CENTER BUSHINGS Hendrickson rubber bushings require no lubrication maintenance and provide solid performance in a variety of applications.

BRONZE CENTER BUSHING SERVICE KITS Hendrickson bronze bushings are not to be used with transverse torque rods.

Part Number Capacity 06664-000L 34K 22279-000L* 34K 05919-000L 38K 22282-000L* 38K

Kit Number Capacity 30437-000L 40K-46K 34013-054L 40K-52K 30240-002 52K

TECHNICAL NOTES ■ The decision to use rubber or bronze center bushings is dependent on a variety of factors dictated by the operating conditions, geographic location, and configuration of the vehicle. Refer to Hendrickson’s Equalizing Beam and Components Selection Guide Literature No. 45745‑147 for more details, available online at www.hendrickson-intl.com ■ To convert center bushings from bronze to rubber, contact Hendrickson Truck Parts at 1-866-755-5968 or e‑mail: truckparts@hendrickson-intl.com.

Part Number Capacity 49400-000L 40K 49600-000L* 40K

Part Number Capacity 47420-000 E4 34K-40K HFS 36K-40K

HIGH CAPACITY RUBBER CENTER BUSHINGS These bushings are designed specifically to stand up to higher capacities and severe service applications and require torque rods. Part Number Capacity 29483-005L 46K-52K 34013-097L* 46K-52K 10366-000L 65K

* Loose Plug


Reference Lit. No. 45745-191 | 1-866-755-5968

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