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Torque Rods and Replacement Bushings


■ Two-piece Torque Rods Two-piece torque rods are an excellent replacement option for one‑piece torque rods for both the on-highway and vocational applications.They are designed for up to 27 inch centers for most applications and 35 inch for widespread tandem. Two-piece Torque Rods | How to Measure To ensure proper measurement for the torque rod replacement, verify the mounting configuration of the torque rod being replaced and then measure as shown in Figures 3 through 5. FIGURE 3 FIGURE 4 FIGURE 5 OUTSIDE MOUNT TAPER PIN TO STRADDLE PIN MOUNT INSIDE TO INSIDE MOUNT


Length + / " = 1 16

■ Measure center to center of old torque rod. ■ Make the new torque rod the same length

■ Measure from the center of old torque rod ■ Add 1 ⁄ 8 " to make new torque rod.

■ Measure center to center of old torque rod ■ Add 1 ⁄ 16 " to make new torque rod.

Preassembly | Metal Preparation 1. Select the appropriate end type for the cross-member end, frame rail and axle end of the existing torque rod. 2. Assemble the male spacer end into the base of the female tube end until it bottoms out in the female tube end. Measure for excess, see Figure 6. FIGURE 6

BE SURE TO WEAR PROPER EYE,AND HEARING PROTECTION AND USE PROPER PERSONAL CLOTHING PROTECTION WHEN PERFORMING STEPS 3 AND 4. 3. Remove the excess male spacer end using abrasive cutting or sawing methods. End face of the male spacer end should be cut square. DO NOT use flame or arc cut methods. 4. Remove all grease, oil, rust or oxides from the metal surfaces to be welded by grinding, filing or power brushing. NOTE Refer to Hendrickson Technical Publications 59310-024 (ULTRA ROD PLUS) and 59310‑002 (ULTRA ROD) for welding instructions, available online at www.hendrickson‑intl.com.


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