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Torque Rods and Replacement Bushings


Installation | Recommended Guidelines

NOTE Hendrickson recommends the use of Grade 8 bolts, Grade C locknuts and hardened washers for all transverse torque rod attachments. ■ With the vehicle at loaded ride height, the transverse torque rod horizontal centerline has an angle of 90° ± 2.5° to the frame, see Figure 1. ■ The transverse torque rod frame brackets are mounted to the frame and located as close as possible to either the bottom frame flange (preferably) or top frame flange, see Figure 1. ■ Frame backup plates are required (may be supplied by the vehicle manufacturer) with transverse torque rod frame brackets, see Figure 1. FIGURE 1


■ Transverse torque rods should be positioned as low as possible to the horizontal center-line of the axle, but high enough as not to interfere with axle components during articulation. ■ Install transverse torque rods perpendicular to the frame rails (90° ± 2.5°), see Figure 2. NOTE A vehicle equipped with transverse torque rods may experience some reduction in suspension articulation or increased lateral stiffness and resistance to turning, especially with radial ply tires.


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