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■ Introduction This RS Frame Hanger Selection Guide is intended to aid in the proper identification for aftermarket replacement of originally equipped RS drilled hangers and heavy‑duty center hangers. On glider kit installations, where we do not have control of hanger usage, ensure that the proper hangers are used for the glider frame width. Refer to Hendrickson RS Suspension Technical Lit. Nos. SP‑166, 17730‑064, 17730‑190 and 17730‑213 for additional information on proper maintenance, service, repair and rebuild instructions

available online at www.hendrickson-intl.com ■ Selection Guide Instructions

Obtain the frame hanger part number.



Identify the truck manufacturer.


If needed, refer to the hole diameters Dimension A and where available, the measurement taken from the bottom of the frame to the rst line of holes of the hanger Dimension B .


Measure outside to outside frame width.

In some cases the vehicle manufacturer has changed the drill patterns while still using the same casting number, contact vehicle manufacturer to request specications. Always use hole location dimensions as a nal check.


NOTE When replacing RS suspension hangers, Hendrickson recommends a minimum of a 5 ⁄ 8 " Grade 8 bolt, Grade C locknut and hardened washers to attach frame hangers to the vehicle frame, in some vehicles the holes in the frame may need to be enlarged to accommodate 5 ⁄ 8 " fasteners. For any casting number or a truck manufacturer not listed, contact Hendrickson Truck Parts toll‑free at 1-866‑755-5968 email: truckparts@hendrickson-intl.com.


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