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RS ™ Frame Hangers


Load Cushions The RS Series suspensions are equipped with standard four rubber load cushions. Each cushion has an inner cross bar that helps support the load when the vehicle is loaded. An empty vehicle is supported only by the outer edges of the cushions. Vertical Drive Pin The RS Series frame hangers have vertical drive pins that extend down through the load cushions and are secured to rubber vertical drive bushings in the saddle. Rebound Control Stop Kit A rebound control stop kit consisting of spe- cial stop nuts and elastomer bumpers is available to increase stability in high center of gravity or offset loading vehicles. Rebound control stop kit is optional for 40,000 through 48,000 pounds capacities and standard on 52,000 pounds units.

Rebound Control Stop Kit Kit No.

31005-001 One Side 31005-002 Both Sides

Heavy-Duty Load Cushion Kit The heavy-duty load cushion kit for increased stability consists of an additional round cen- ter cushion and related frame hanger for each side of the chassis. Heavy-duty Load Cushion Kit is optional for 40,000 pounds capacities and standard on 46,000 through 52,000 pounds units.

Heavy-duty Load Cushion Kit Kit No. Frame Width

20681-072 34" 20681-077 34½"


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