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Hendrickson One- and Two-piece Torque Rods and Bushings

TRAAX ROD ® and ULTRA ROD ® torque rods are designed, tested and validated with advanced specifications. Available in various materials and one- or two-piece configurations to deliver superior performance.

The TRAAX ROD family of torque rods have a fabricated rod body with robotically welded and curled end hubs combined with Hendrickson’s proprietary rubber bonded bushings. TRAAX ROD performance — Up to *five times the performance life of conventional double shot bushings and similar capabilities of ball and socket torque rods, with better energy absorption, delivering superior bushing retention and longer component life for heavy- and severe‑duty applications. Explore the TRAAX ROD site at www.traaxrods.com for more benefits, information and a torque rod length conversion calculator.

ULTRA ROD torque rods have a forged rod body with an integrated forged end hub utilizing Hendrickson’s proprietary rubber bushing compound and bonded technology.

One-piece Torque Rods include fabricated, forged or cast body construction that provides the optimal structural integrity, weight and performance for use in approved on-highway and vocational applications. One-piece torque rods are manufactured to specific lengths to provide a simple and easy installation procedure to help improve vehicle uptime.

ULTRA ROD and ULTRA ROD PLUS Two-piece Torque Rods eliminate the need to carry a vast array of one-piece torque rod inventory: just measure, cut and weld.Two-piece torque rods with empty hubs or equipped with bushings provide the option to make any length torque rod with any bushing configuration.

* Based on internal testing of bushing walkout, retention and durability. Actual product performance may vary depending on component and vehicle configuration, operation, service and other factors.


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