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Hendrickson Bushings** — whether the application is an on-highway or a severe-duty vocational truck, Hendrickson offers the right bushings for the job. Bushings are offered in various straddle and taper pin measurement options. XTRB ™ BONDED CONVENTIONAL XTRB Bushings are the right solution for extreme applications.

Conventional bushings are an economical alternative to Hendrickson’s XTRB and bonded bushings for ULTRA ROD PLUS and with the outer metal sleeve, make re-bushing simpler.

Bonded bushings utilize specialized chemical reactions during the in-mold curing process to physically bond the inner metal to the rubber and help extend the bushing’s service life. Bonding the rubber to the inner metal eliminates… ■ Friction-generated heat to improve the life of the bushing ■ Detrimental effects caused by rubber-to-metal slip often exhibited in conventional bushing construction

■ Uses a combination of chemical bonded rubber, hardened steel bar pin, and a curled steel casing to vastly improve durability ■ XTRB provides a very high level of axial retention and an incredibly high amount of walk-out resistance while maintaining the performance of the suspension ■ Hendrickson uses advanced fatigue testing methods to measure the performance of rubber bushings. The XTRB bushing has proven to last up to *five times longer than other rubber torque rod bushings in engineering tests.

Inner Metal

Inner Metal

Outer Metal



Refer to Hendrickson's Torque Rods and Bushings Selection Guide, Literature No. 45745‑148 for additional part number information.

Covalent Chemical Bonding

** TRAAX ROD bushings are non-serviceable, the entire torque rod assembly requires replacement. Visit the TRAAX ROD website www‌.‌traxxrods.com for more information.

Torque Rod Bushing Funnel Tools The funnel tools are available to order through Hendrickson, contact your authorized Hendrickson distributor. Part No. 66086-001L ULTRA ROD • Part No. 66086-000L ULTRA ROD PLUS


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