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TRAAX ROD ® Torque Rods


TRAAX ROD ® Performance — Up to *five times the performance life of conventional double shot bushings and similar performance of ball and socket torque rods, with better energy absorption, delivering superior bushing retention and longer component life for heavy- and severe‑duty applications. Explore the TRAAX ROD site www.traaxrods.com for more benefits, information and a torque rod length conversion calculator.

Heavy-duty — Recommended for 40,000 lb. to 52,000 lb. capacity suspensions in most vocational applications. Severe-duty – Recommended for 60,000 lb. to 70,000 lb. capacity suspensions. Also available for 40,000 lb. to 52,000 lb. capacity suspensions for even longer service intervals.


TRAAX ROD BODY ■ Fabricated rod body works in conjunction with our proprietary bushings to meet a large footprint for heavy loads and energy absorption from high articulation and side load events. ■ Offers easy and inexpensive flexibility to create a variety of torque rod lengths. Length variety significantly reduces the need for shims which can compromise the connection integrity if not secured properly or used with correct shims. ■ One-piece design supports uptime by removing and replacing with the original one-piece length for an accurate fit the first time.

TRAAX ROD BUSHINGS ■ Curled outer metal casing places rubber in pre‑compression mode to “harness” the energy and perform at its highest peak, providing best‑in‑class durability and performance. ■ Proprietary rubber material helps reduce cost of ownership by absorbing horizontal, vertical and torsional forces for long component life. ■ High strength bond of rubber to inner metal eliminates friction between the inner metal and rubber, minimizing bushing wear and increasing component life cycle. ■ Hardened steel bar pins and taper pins deliver increased resistance against wear and abrasion to extend the service intervals of the component.

* Based on internal testing of bushing walkout, retention and durability. Actual product performance may vary depending on component and vehicle configuration, operation, service and other factors.


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