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Popular Hendrickson Shock Absorbers Below are our most popular shock absorbers for truck suspension applications. For additional information regarding the appropriate shock absorbers specific to your suspension, refer to Hendrickson parts lists online at www.hendrickson‑intl.‌com or contact our Hendrickson truck parts specialist at truckparts@ hendrickson-intl.com



PART NO. DESCRIPTION HTS ™ Suspensions 60665-025L Autocar • Lion Bus • XOS OPTIMAAX ® Suspensions 80335-001L OPTIMAAX PARASTEER ™ • PARASTEER HD ™ Suspensions 60998-002L Blue Bird PRIMAAX ® EX • FIREMAAX ® EX Suspensions 60657-003L 8½", 10" Ride Height 60657-005L Kenworth Tridem 60657-007L Volvo 60665-011L 12½"-14 3 ⁄ 8 "-15½" Ride Height 60665-013L 8½", 10" Ride Height, Drum Brake 60665-014L Spartan RV • Disc Brake 60665-015L 8½", 10" Ride Height, Disc Brake

Freightliner/Western Star, Prior to 2010 Blue Bird 8K/10K • Lion Bus • Spartan Tiffin • XOS

60670-006L 21K • 23K • 40K • 40K LH • 46K 60670-007L 40K • 46K, Inboard Standard


19K • 21K • 23K • 40K • 46K • Nissan, Low Profile, Inboard Rear



58913-010L Blue Bird 13.2K/14.6K • LionE Truck 58913-011L Blue Bird 14.6K, Hoist Lift Truck 58913-012L Freightliner/Western Star, After 2010 64838-002L Volvo • Mack, built with STEERTEK 64838-003L Volvo • Mack,built with STEERTEK NXT 65992-001L International Truck, Sleeper 65992-006L International IC Bus AIRTEK ® NXT Suspension Systems 58913-015L Freightliner

60670-010L 12K • 21K 60670-011L Ford HI-TORQUE, 8.8" Ride Ht.

Ford HI-TORQUE, 7.8", 9.6" Ride Ht.


60675-002L 21K • 40K • 46K, HI-TORQUE 60675-003L 19K • 21K • 23K, HI-TORQUE 60675-005L 19K • 21K • 23K, HI-TORQUE 60675-006L 40K • 46K, Inboard 60675-009L HI-TORQUE Volvo • Mack 60680-001L 40LH 60680-002L 40LH 60685-001L 40LH HI-TORQUE HAULMAAX ® EX • HAULMAAX ® Suspensions 60680-004L 16½" Saddle Height 60680-005L 17½"-18½" Saddle Height 60680-006L 16½"Saddle Height, Mack 60680-010L 20¼"-20½" Saddle Height 60680-012L 20¼" Saddle Height HN ® Suspensions 60680-003L 40K • 46K • 52K HTB ™ Suspensions 60657-008L International Truck - 9000 Series 60657-010L International Truck - ProStar

AR2™ Suspensions 60665-012L 40K • 46K 60665-020L Manitowoc COMFORT AIR ® Suspensions 60670-006L Thomas Built 60670-013L Hino 19K • 21K

60665-017L Kenworth 60665-018L Drum Brake 70807-001L Heavy-duty ROADMAAX ® Suspensions

E-One • Ferrara • Pierce • Rosenbauer Spartan • Sutphen


60670-014L Hino 19K 60670-018L Hino 23K 60670-019L Hino 21K 60998-003L Blue Bird

STEERTEK ™ NXT High Capacity Steer Axle 80606-001L Ferrara, KME, Rosenbauer, Sutphen ULTIMAAX ® Suspensions

60680-015L 9½", 10½" Ride Ht. 60680-016L 10½", 11½" Ride Ht.

79333-001L Arboc HAS ™ Suspensions 60665-004L 15K • 21K • 23K Blue Bird, Low Profile 60670-003L 15K Low Profile 60670-005L 19K • 21K • 23K • 36K • 40K • 46K

International Truck - ProStar Day Cab


66153-005L Spartan

Hendrickson Genuine Parts are the same quality components installed in Hendrickson original equipment suspensions — consisting of the same design, construction, performance and durability.There’s only one way to maintain and protect your suspension’s original performance.Ask for the name that is synonymous with the finest manufactured suspensions in the world.


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