Hendrickson Truck Parts Catalog

Shock Absorbers


– Optimized ride quality

– Optimized road stability – Optimized durability

Hendrickson Shock Absorbers are an integral part of the suspension, and are specially designed to: ■ Optimize ride control, comfort and provide enhanced system durability ■ Offer robust quality and functionality ■ Improve braking and component service life ■ Provide greater damping characteristics with the use of large bore shocks to improve ride and cargo protection ■ Harness hydraulic damping benefits to deliver advanced ride and comfort

Identify genuine Hendrickson Shock Absorbers by the stamped Hendrickson logo and part number on the dust shield or cylinder

HI-TORQUE ™ Shock Absorber ■ EDGE ™ is the combination of Hendrickson’s HI-TORQUE ™ shocks and height control valve system.Together they provide E fficient D riveline GE ometry for vehicles with high torque engines. ■ Exclusive internal rebound spring significantly reduces frame rise on hi-torque engine vehicles, to help protect driveline components and reduce wheel hop. ■ HI-TORQUE shocks provide increased carrying capacity and longer life, and they function as traditional shock absorbers to deliver a smooth, high quality ride. Protect Your Investment Use Only Genuine Hendrickson Parts. Hendrickson shock absorbers need to be inspected regularly to help ensure optimum vehicle ride quality and handling. Replacement of genuine Hendrickson shocks with non-genuine shocks may not meet the correct specifications and operating parameters required for use in Hendrickson suspension systems.That can reduce performance and lead to damage to the suspension and related components.


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