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■ One-piece Torque Rods Smart Numbering System | ULTRA ROD

Most Hendrickson one-piece torque rods follow the Smart Numbering System , those are the ones that contain two-number prefix 62XXX , see illustration below. One‑piece torque rods may have the same length and bushing con- figuration, but the torsional bushing position will differ creating a different part number. All other one-piece torque rods that are not part of the Smart Numbering System on the following pages are shown by their five digit prefix number with the configurations cross‑referenced in their respective table.

■ The first three (3) digits of the part number provide the bushing base number to identify the corresponding bushing part numbers.The fourth and fifth digits provide the bushing code number to identify the corresponding bushing type and angle and the last three (3) digits after the dash indicate torque rod length , (center to center in millimeters).

Bushing Part No.

Base Number




62XXX-XXX ULTRA ROD Torque Rods with ULTRA ROD Bushings

620 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629

47691-000L 68304-000L 47691-000L 47691-000L 64809-000L 64697-000L 69210-000L 69210-000L 47691-000L 67746-000L

47691-000L 68304-000L 64809-000L 64697-000L 64809-000L 64697-000L 64697-000L 69210-000L 66735-000L 66735-000L


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