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Torque Rods and Replacement Bushings


■ Introduction This Selection Guide is intended to aid in the proper identification of originally equipped one and two-piece torque rods and bushings for component replacement. Prior to conducting any work, review and follow all applicable installation, preven- tive maintenance, service and safety instructions issued by the respective vehicle and suspension manufacturers. Refer to applicable Hendrickson Technical Literature for additional information on proper maintenance, service, repair and rebuild instructions available online at www.hendrickson-intl.com ■ Torque Rod Inspection All torque rods need to be inspected during preventive maintenance and service for looseness by one of the following methods. All torque rods need to be inspected for looseness by one of the following methods. ■ Method 1 — Due to visibility, this procedure is for ONLY on-highway tractor applications . With the brakes applied, slowly rock the empty vehicle with power while a second technician visually checks the action at both ends. ■ Method 2 — With the vehicle shut down a lever check can be made using a long pry bar placed under each torque rod end and pressure applied. Visually inspect (1) torque rod bushings for any torn or shredded rubber material interfaces or elongated oval shapes and (2) torque rods for any metal to metal contact, bent, cracked or broken components.The torque rod and/or the torque rod bushings will require replacement if any of these conditions are encountered.

Longitudinal and transverse torque rod lengths are determined by the original vehicle manufacturer for optimum drive line angle(s).The mounting brackets at the axle ends of the torque rods are generally fur- nished and welded into position on the axle housings


by the axle manufacturer. Whether the torque rod is equipped with straddle, taper stud, or hollow mount bushings , they can be replaced by pressing out the worn components and installing new Hendrickson bushings with the exception of torque rods designed with permanent bushings that are non-replaceable.

TRAAX ROD Bushings are non-serviceable

The transverse TRAAX ROD straddle/taper mount bushings are non‑serviceable and the entire assembly requires replacement.

It is important that the tightening torque of the locknuts be checked during preventive maintenance and service. Follow the tighten- ing torque specifications and all applicable preventive maintenance, service and safety instructions issued by the respective vehicle and suspension manufacturers. NOTE Straddle Mount

Tapered Stud

Hendrickson Suspension recommends Grade 8 bolts, hardened flat washer and Grade C locknuts be used for all straddle mount torque rod attachments. Hendrickson provides two-piece torque rods that are available to cut and weld to the desired length, for more information refer to the Two-Piece Torque Rod Section of this publication.


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