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PRIMAAX ® EX – Freightliner • Western Star Vehicles


■ Technical Notes The following information is intended to assist in determining which suspension is equipped on the vehicle.As an example, Figure 1 identifies the suspension rating and capacity. Refer to Literature No. SP-164 for FIREMAAX EX, available online at www.hendrickson‑intl.com.

NOTES: Quantities specified are shown for a tandem suspension.Adjust quantities for single or tridem suspensions. Quantities of service kit components may vary from amount shown in lists. * Item included in kit / assembly only, part not sold separately. ** Transverse torque rods are mandatory for the PRIMAAX EX suspensions regardless of axle spacing, see Literature No. 59310‑004 and 59310-058 for more information.TRAAX Rod bushings are non-serviceable, the entire torque rod assembly requires replacement.Visit TRAAX ROD website www.traaxrods.com for more information. *** S-cam is not required for air disc brakes. **** Alternate configuration of the QUIK-ALIGN fasteners.The locknuts located inboard will allow additional clearance for wider tires or

tires with chains.Tightening is still required ONLY on the locknut. ***** Quantity per originally equipped by the vehicle manufacturer. NOTE: For Severe Service kits, See Page 405.


www.hendrickson-intl.com | Reference Lit. No. SP-230

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