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Progressive and Auxiliary Load Springs


Hendrickson Load Springs used on the HAULMAAX and HN rear suspensions easily adjust to the load for an enhanced combination of empty ride quality and loaded stability. To help ensure high end-user satisfaction and peak system performance, Hendrickson supplies the same genuine components for service requirements as installed on the original suspensions with the same design, construction and performance. HAULMAAX

Progressive Load Spring (PLS) ■ When slightly engaged in the unloaded condition provides excellent ride quality ■ When fully engaged in the loaded condition it provides optimized loaded stability ■ Eliminates shim adjustments for most applications

HN Auxiliary Load Spring ■ In the loaded condition the extra wide bolster spring centers and auxiliary springs provide exceptional stability for demanding applications such as refuse trucks, concrete mixers and dumps. ■ Load spring shims can be adjusted to help optimize roll stability

Unloaded Condition — In the empty condition, the diagonally mounted rubber bolster springs act in shear and compression to help provide optimum deflection for outstanding ride quality. Bolster springs absorb vertical road inputs and fore / aft shock. Loaded Condition — As payload increases, bolster springs compress and engage the load spring.

As payload increases, the bolster springs compress and increase in stiffness, while maintaining excellent ride quality. With higher loading, the load spring fully engages for additional stability. ■ A well maintained load spring helps provide increased bolster service life.

HAULMAAX Suspension


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