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Main Support Members


Hendrickson Main Support Members Main Support Members,

which are also called “Z” springs or “Z” bars, are an integral part of the suspension. Hendrickson supplies the

same genuine springs for service requirements that are installed in original Hendrickson suspensions — with the same design, construction, performance and durability.

As a leading manufacturer of main support members, Hendrickson supplies major OEM truck manufacturers throughout the world.

Quality and Durability ■ To help ensure high end user satisfaction and peak system performance, Hendrickson conducts advanced research and development for leaf springs and main support members Unique Alloy ■ Hendrickson’s main support members are manufactured using a unique, proprietary, fine‑grain alloy with high tensile strength, developed specifically by Hendrickson engineers and steel manufacturers ■ The attributes of this alloy enable Hendrickson to optimize the balance between roll stiffness, ride quality and long service life

Hendrickson Spring Technology ■ Reduces weight while increasing strength, spring life, roll stability, and ride quality ■ Proprietary material structure and design to improve performance ■ Uniquely tempered with our proprietary heat treating process to further improve fatigue life and durability ■ Stress peened for maximum residual stress providing longer spring life ■ Latest in paint and paint processes for advanced corrosion protection


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