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Rotating Bar Pin Beam End Bushings Hendrickson puts a TWIST on end bushing with a rotating bar pin end bushings – Once pressed into the beam, the bar pin bushing pins can be rotated to the correct angle for a perfect installation.The bar pins are designed to become fixed at the required angle when the installation is properly completed so they don’t continue to rotate once the truck is back in use. Bar Pin Rotates ■ Easy alignment to axle bracket pinion angles for quick installation ■ The bushing prevents installation at the incorrect angle, driving down “re-do” and scrap levels ■ Helps save time and labor costs by eliminating re-work from incorrectly installed bushings ■ No special tools are required to rotate the bushing; a standard shop wrench will rotate the bushing into position with the axle Bar Pin Patented Feature ■ After installation the rotating bar pin bushing is designed to lock into place once under load ■ Longer component life – bar pin helps prevent back and forth motion within the bushing, in order to minimize inner bushing wear and stress on the axle bracket Equalizing Beams Available with Rotating Bar Pin End Bushings

Hendrickson offers rotating bar pin end bushings on select Hendrickson HAULMAAX ® • HN ® • RT/RTE ™ • RS ™ • R ™ equalizing beams for service.

The exact equalizing beam used in production that provides structural integrity and functionality to maintain the original system performance is available with rotating bar pin bushings.


HAULMAAX Equalizing Beams

NEW Service Part No. 080225-001 080226-001

Production Part No. 64846-001 64847-001 and‑004

*Beam Length 54" With Shock Bracket 54" No Shock Bracket


HN Equalizing Beams

NEW Service Part No. 080227-002 080228-008

Production Part No. 58494-002 57889-008

*Beam Length 54" 52"


RTE/RT • RS • R Equalizing Beams

NEW Service Part No. 080476-017 080476-015

Production Part No. 50501-017 50501-015

*Beam Length 54" 52"

* Beam lengths are determined by measuring the distance from the spindle center of the front drive axle to the spindle center of the rear drive axle.


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