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Air Springs


Hendrickson Air Springs are integral parts on our line of truck and tractor air suspensions, providing driver comfort and optimum performance. Regular suspension inspections are necessary to help ensure maximum ride quality and handling. To help ensure high end user satisfaction and optimum system performance, Hendrickson supplies the same genuine components for service as were installed in the original suspensions — with the same design, construction, performance and durability. ■ Engineered

Hendrickson air springs are designed and tuned specifically for each suspension system and application. Hendrickson air springs undergo advanced design and testing processes to provide

Air Springs for Hendrickson Front Suspensions

optimum suspension ride, handling and performance.

■ Performance Ride quality and performance are key factors when designing the internal makeup of Hendrickson air springs. A low natural frequency is achieved through proprietary piston, flex member, and bump stop components. ■ Use Only Genuine Hendrickson Using non-genuine air springs can alter the weight rating and performance of Hendrickson suspensions. Look for the Hendrickson name and logo on the air spring to help guarantee you are getting genuine Hendrickson service parts.

Air Springs for Hendrickson Rear Suspensions


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