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AIRTEK– Blue Bird Buses



* Item included in kit/assembly only, part not sold separately. ** Not supplied by Hendrickson, used for reference only. Hendrickson is not responsible for components supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. For assistance with maintenance and rebuild instructions on these components see vehicle manufacturer. *** In June 2020, 8.5K and 10K capacity vehicles the 2-leaf spring assemblies were updated with leaf and half spring assemblies.To perform component replacement for vehicles built prior to June 2020, the option to replace the as-equipped leaf assemblies is still available or, to update with the leaf and half spring assembly is acceptable, although the update will require that both leaf spring assemblies be replaced. **** Replacement of both left hand and right hand Top Pad is required when servicing the Top Pad Part No. 66814-001/ -002 on AIRTEK with 13.2K • 14.6K capacity built PRIOR to October 2012 (Key No. 66 on Page 108). ***** When servicing Height Control Valve Assembly on AIRTEK with 13.2K • 14.6K capacity • Built BETWEEN October 2012 and November 2013 – replace the height control valve assembly with 59013-000. • Built AFTER November 2013 – replace the HCV assembly with 59013-001. ****** Effective July 2019 STEERTEK axles for Blue Bird will no longer be available for service, see Replacement Guide on Page 110.Axle replacement with a STEERTEK NXT axle assembly is required. For more information, contact Hendrickson Tech Services.


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