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Air Springs


Part No. OEM 60961-182 *Volvo, Mack with Support Plate 13.2K • 14.6K 64075-002L Blue Bird 10K 66349-002L Volvo, Mack 12K•12.5K, Spartan Motorhome Chassis, 10.5K•12K 69116-002L Freightliner,Western Star, Sterling - After 2010 69782-002L Freightliner,Western Star, Sterling - Prior to 2010


Part Shown 60716-002 Part No. OEM 60716-002L Volvo, Mack 13.2K • 14.6K 65790-002L International Truck, Spartan Motorhome Chassis 12.6K•14.6K 67568-002 International IC Bus

Part Shown 66349-002L

* Vehicles built between 03/05 and 06/07 equipped with dual height control valves MUST use air spring with support plate Service Kit No. 60961-182

Shock Absorbers

Part No.

OEM Freightliner • Western Star

58913-003L 12K Prior to 2010 58913-012L 12K After 2010 Volvo, Mack 64838-002L 12K•12.5K, 13.2K•14.6K 64838-003L 12K•12.5K, 13.2K•14.6K 65992-001L International Truck 12K•12.35K

Part Shown 58913-003L

Leaf Spring Assemblies

Part No.

Model AIRTEK Freightliner • Western Star

59930-021 59930-023 59930-024 59930-029

12K, Set Back

12K LH, Coronado 12K RH, Coronado 12K LH, Century, Cascadia

59930-030 12K RH, Century, Cascadia 64772-000 Volvo, Mack 12K-14.6K 66420-000 International Truck 12K•12.35K SOFTEK 53597-000 International Truck Lonestar • Prostar Blue Bird Buses • Spartan 53626-000 14.6K 53624-000 10K

Part Shown 59930-021


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