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In 1913 Magnus Hendrickson, a Swedish immigrant started manufacturing commercial trucks in Chicago, Illinois. To meet the demand for robust, durable suspensions Hendrickson introduced its first tandem walking-beam suspension in 1926 and pioneered load equalisation principles between truck axles. Hendrickson’s pioneering spirit led to a series of valuable “firsts” that have changed the industry and inspired growth. This growth began with the production of our first tandem suspension in 1926 to the innovative designs of today’s HAULMAAX ® EX, a heavy-duty lightweight, durable tandem rubber suspension, PRIMAAX ® , a severe-duty air suspension and AIRTEK ® , an integrated front air suspension and axle for trucks and tractors. This innovation enabled Hendrickson to design and manufacture new product lines and expand into new global markets. Hendrickson extended the company’s global reach in 1985 by acquiring Norde Suspensions,Ltd. based in the United Kingdom. After the purchase of Norde Suspensions, Ltd., the company was renamed Hendrickson-Norde becoming the headquarters for Hendrickson’s European operations, the name was changed to Hendrickson Europe Ltd., in 1989.

Hendrickson’s first tandem “walking beam” suspension established the company as an innovator.

Magnus with son and successor Robert (Bob) Hendrickson and grandson William (Bill) Hendrickson.


Since purchasing Norde Suspensions, Hendrickson Europe has focused on developing innovative characteristics for suspension systems and components as intelligent vehicles emerge in the heavy-duty trucking industry. Lightweight solutions – rubber tandem, air and lift axle suspension systems from Hendrickson’s product lines have been the mainstays on many European trucks as OE fitment ever since. Elements such as brakes and electronics hold tremendous promise for tomorrow’s OEM, fleet and owner- operator. Engaging and energising the global trucking community, Hendrickson remains at the forefront in developing superior and unique suspension systems and components for a new breed of trucks, tractors and trailers.




In 2015, Hendrickson extended their global reach even further by acquiring four spring and stabiliser manufacturing plants, increasing its footprint size in Europe. Since 2016 Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems Europe in Austria is responsible for all European locations and product segments. Hendrickson also acquired a U-bolt, pin and screw manufacturing facility in 2018 and expanded its product range.

Today, Hendrickson has research and development facilities and five plants located in England, Germany, Austria, France (two locations), Romania and Poland that are manufacturing state-of-the-art steel springs, stabilisers and U-bolt solutions for European OEMs.

MLA ® 3



STEERTEK ™ NXT Fabricated steer axle for on-highway applications • Designed as a platform for OEM proprietary and next-generation front axle / suspension systems • Fabricated axle assembly for lightweight design • Saves up to 12.7kg vs. traditional forged I-beam axles • Box-shaped cross-section is more rigid than traditional I-beam axles • Two-piece knuckle reduces maintenance and downtime • Compatible with drum and disc brakes • Capacity up to 11t

FRONT AIR ASSIST Heavy-duty front air truck suspension system • Lightweight with high durability and low maintenance • Low part count in a compact package with up to 52 degrees of wheel cut • Excellent ride comfort, raise and lower capability with up to 200mm travel

• Non-torque reactive with optimised steering geometry results in very low castor change • Capacity up to 8t

AIRTEK ® NXT Next generation integrated front air suspension and fabricated steer axle system • Combines STEERTEK ™ NXT axle and air suspension technology with an advanced integrated clamp group design • Provides superb ride, driver comfort and roll stability • Up to 29.5kg weight savings • Compatible with drum and disc brakes • Capacities of 5.7 to 7.1t • Combines STEERTEK ™ NXT axle and monoleaf technology with an advanced integrated clamp group design • Saves over 52.6kg vs. traditional two-leaf spring and I-beam axle systems • Capacities of 3.5 to 5.7t SOFTEK ® NXT Integrated monoleaf suspension and steer axle system


HA4 ™ Drive-axle air suspension system

MLA ® 2 Lightweight mid-lift axle and air suspension system • Industry standard 6×2 solution • Significant weight savings over twin-steer options with greatly reduced operating costs • Wheel sizes 22.5, 19.5 and 17.5-in. on disc or drum brake axle applications • Rated up to 8t

HAS ™ Single- and tandem-axle air suspension • Suitable for on-highway applications that require up to 25 percent off-highway travel • Excellent ride quality • Lightweight design • Capacity of 5.4 and 10.5t (single) / 18 and 21t (tandem) • Suitable for medium- and heavy-duty truck applications • Non-torque reactive suspension maintains driveline pinion angles • Excellent ride quality with load supported by air springs, protecting the load and body from road shocks • High suspension travel with raise / lower capability • Compatible with air disc or drum brakes • Capacity up to 13t COMFORT AIR ® Rear air suspension designed for passenger and driver comfort in various on-highway applications • Main support member designed for optimised roll stiffness and handling • Air springs adjust to changing road conditions to deliver superior ride quality • Featuring TRAAX ROD ® torque rods for exceptional performance life • Capacities ranging from 3.5 to 13t (single) and 18.1 to 26t (tandem)

MLA ® 3 Revolutionary 'Next Generation' lifting pusher axle and suspension design • Advanced manufacturing processes – No direct welding to axle beam – Ultra-lightweight fabricated trailing arm suspension – No clamp group to service • Additional weight savings compared to current lift axle systems • Tuned pivot bushing for optimal roll stability and steering performance • Increased payload and optimised vehicle efficiency • Increased chassis packaging space for fuel tanks and auxiliary equipment • 17.5-inch wheel size options with a 4.8 capacity – 44 tonnes gvw (6 axles combination) on all variants



COMFORTLINER ™ Premium drive axle air suspension for transit and coach bus applications • Fabricated u-beam assembly improves stability, ride and handling • Air springs adjust to changing road conditions to deliver superior ride quality • D-pin axle connection lowers axle stress for reduced maintenance • QUIK-ALIGN ® axle alignment system simplifies axle alignment • Capacities up to 11t LUXAIR ® Premium lightweight drive axle air suspension for transit and coach bus applications • Robust fabricated construction for exceptional reliability in various road conditions • Multiple shock and air spring combinations available • Non-reactive to brake and drive torque • High volume air springs provide an outstanding level of passenger comfort • Capacities up to 14t PRIMAAX ® EX Revolutionary air suspension system • Suitable for tractor and rigid applications • Non-reactive to brake and acceleration torque • Roll-resistant design simplifies installation and maintenance • Superior ride and handling provide enhanced driver comfort and protection to vehicle loads and body • Single-axle capacities up to 11.5t

H-TAS ™ Lightweight, drive-axle, air suspension system • Suitable for medium-duty tractor and rigid applications • Rubber pivot bushings provide quiet operation and require no lubrication • Fewer components, easier assembly • QUIK-ALIGN ® axle alignment system simplifies axle alignment • Capacities up to 9.5t HWS ™ Lightweight, drive-axle, air suspension system • Suitable for medium-duty rigid and tractor unit applications • Reduced weight, incorporating new technologies and materials • Optional stabiliser bar for additional roll control in demanding applications • QUIK-ALIGN ® axle alignment system simplifies axle alignment • Capacities up to 6.5t


SOFTEK ® Integrated front mechanical suspension and steer axle system designed for passenger and driver comfort • Highly engineered for optimised ride and performance • Robust design for high durability and low maintenance • Efficient design contributes to a smooth and quiet ride • Optimised steering performance delivers up to 55 degrees of wheel cut • Capacities ranging from 3.6 to 6.6t COMFORT AIR ® Single-axle, rear air suspension designed for passenger and driver comfort in various medium-duty truck and bus applications • Wide footprint of frame hanger reduces stress to the frame • Suspension geometry improves ride and handling • Capacities ranging from 6.8 to 11.8t • Optimised configuration provides improved driver feel for increased handling and confidence when performing manoeuvres • Designed to achieve 90mm of kneel • Designed to reduce roll forward during kneeling operation • Capacity up to 4.5t COMFORT AIR ® Single-axle, rear air suspension designed specifically for cut-away and specialty vehicles

AIRTEK ® Integrated front air suspension and steer axle system designed for comfort and improved performance • High-volume air springs provide superb ride and driver comfort • Low maintenance design helps keep trucks and buses on the road • Up to 55 degrees of wheel cut greatly improves manoeuvrability • Capacities ranging from 4.5 to 6.6t AIRTEK ® for Transit Bus Integrated front air suspension and steer axle system designed for transit bus applications • High-volume air springs provide superb ride along with passenger and driver comfort • Unique integrated system design achieves lower ride heights to ease passenger entry and exit • Capacities ranging from 7 to 9.1t



HAULMAAX ® EX Heavy-duty lightweight rubber suspension • Weight savings up to 210kg for higher payload • Increased job site rating for expanded applications • Superior combination of empty ride and laden stability • Improved durability through advanced elastomer technology • Reduced maintenance due to optimised geometry and lubrication-free components • Up to 432mm of diagonal articulation for greater mobility • Capacities of 18, 21 and 23.5t

ULTIMAAX ® Advanced severe-duty rubber suspension • Weight saving up to 250kg for higher payload • Reduced maintenance – no lubrication points • Progressive roll stability – in most cases, no stabiliser bar required

• Capacities up to 26t

• Capacities up to 32t

• Capacities up to 40t


PRIMAAX ® EX Revolutionary air suspension system • Suitable for tractor and rigid applications • Non-reactive to brake and acceleration torque • Roll-resistant design simplifies installation and maintenance • Superior ride and handling provide enhanced driver comfort and protection to vehicle loads and body • Single-axle capacities up to 11.5t (single) and 23t (tandem)

AIRTEK ® NXT Integrated front air suspension and fabricated steer axle system for truck and crane applications • Single or twin front steer featuring STEERTEK ™ NXT axle • Trailing or leading arm configuration • Up to 1321mm axle spacing • Capacities up to 11.6t (single axle) 23.2t (tandem axle)

ROADMAAX ® Rear air suspension system for truck crane applications • Up to 1829mm axle spacing • Eliminates torque rods for lower maintenance • Capacities up to 13.6t (single axle) and 27t (tandem axle)

• 170kg of weight savings compared to 4-air spring tandem systems

HPAS ™ High-performance air suspension for truck crane applications • Complete ride height with spring damper control system, improves vehicle handling and increases roll stability • Reduced packaging size and easy vehicle retrofit packages

• Debris and environmental resistance • Provides raising and lowering capability • Multiple ride height capability

• Adaptable to multiple load range requirements, increasing payload capability while maintaining ride quality at all load ranges and multiple axle combinations • Capacity up to 13.6t per axle




STEERTEK ™ NXT Fabricated front steer axle for heavy-duty applications • Designed as a platform for OEM proprietary and next generation front axle and suspension systems • Fabricated axle assembly for lightweight design • Box-shaped cross-section is more rigid than traditional I-beam axles • Withstands increased brake torque requirements resulting from 2011 F.M.V.S.S. stopping distance regulations • Compatible with drum and disc brakes • Capacities ranging from 7 to 11t

6 ROD Premium double-drive suspension system • Suitable for tractors and rigid trucks in on- and off-highway applications • Provides very high articulation and superb traction to all wheels

• High roll resistance and lower ride frequency with rubber bolsters and long-life, heavy-duty ‘V’ links and torque rods • Rated at 26 - 29t and 32 - 48t • 48t model is available for heavy-duty construction and mining applications COMFORT AIR ® Heavy-duty air suspension • Main support member designed for optimised roll stiffness and handling • Air springs adjust to changing road conditions to deliver superior ride quality • Featuring TRAAX ROD ® torque rods for exceptional performance life • Capacities ranging from 9 to 13t



Multi-Kicked Monoleaf Spring Beam

8t Monoleaf

3D Spring Beam

Committed to Advancing Global Spring Technology As a leader in the industry, we are committed to advancing global leaf spring technology. In proprietary, state-of-the-art research and design centers, our engineers develop products for today and ride solutions for future generations. Advanced Hendrickson proprietary processing allows us to achieve optimum hardness in springs for extended fatigue life and higher strength to withstand demanding braking requirements. We’ve reduced the number of leaves required for many of our spring products, leading to lower cost and weight; benefits that customers come to expect. We continue vertical integration by manufacturing many of our own spring bushings. This gives us better quality control of the entire spring assembly and ensures overall performance. Hendrickson engineers work with vehicle manufacturers to design and model innovative leaf spring assemblies and conduct rigorous testing in the lab and in real-world conditions; providing you with smart, efficient and cost-effective solutions. A Spring for Every Need Hendrickson offers a wide range of leaf springs from monoleaf to multi-leaf springs to customised solutions. We design springs for light- through heavy-duty commercial vehicles, with spring thicknesses ranging up to 63mm and a maximum length of 2400mm. Hendrickson manufactures springs weighing from 7 to 400kg. Our weight-saving solutions can save up to 100kg per truckload; we understand every kilogramme counts in the transportation industry. Whatever the end user requires – reliability, durability, weight reduction, or innovative designs – Hendrickson is the world’s spring provider for your transportation needs.

Heavy-Duty Parabolic Leaf Spring

Monoleaf Spring Beam

Superlight Monoleaf

Heavy-Duty Multi-Leaf

V-Shaped Bogie Parabolic

Bogie Parabolic Spring

V-Shaped Bogie Parabolic

V-Shaped 3D Spring Beam

SNAKE SPRING TECHNOLOGY Hendrickson’s innovative Snake Spring Technology is based on the combination of horizontal and vertical axis inputs built into a single leaf Snake spring system. This design offers substantial advantages.

• High comfort at low loadS and high stability at high loads by using a single-leaf design • Weight reduction up to 20 percent on system level compared to multi-leaf systems • Less and lighter parts serving the same function than standard systems



Composite Springs for Lightweight Solutions Our innovative products are currently produced for major North American and European OEMs as well as multiple automotive and large truck and trailer applications in Asia. Composite advantages are simple – less weight, increased durability, improved ride and enhanced performance. It’s a clear choice!

LITEFLEX ® Automotive Springs

Hendrickson composite springs for the passenger and light truck segments enjoy many unique benefits over steel suspension systems. Among them is weight reduction for improved range, ride and comfort versus steel springs and corrosion and sag resistance. Our springs offer manufacturers better packaging with systems that require less space. This allows for lower hood lines, elimination of coil towers and oftentimes lower drag coefficients. It can also provide for larger interior space and / or the addition of more passenger amenities without adding to the overall vehicle weight.

LITEFLEX ® Medium-Duty Springs

Hendrickson composite transverse springs create space by reducing traditional suspension towers, reduce weight with composite materials requiring smaller / lighter support structures, like stabiliser bars. The result is less weight and increased hauling ability. OEMs enjoy composite springs that are up to 70 percent lighter than their steel equivalents. This weight savings helps OEMs improve efficiency while increasing capacity limits.



Refining Vehicle Stability, Handling and Comfort More than 30 years of expertise in stabiliser design allows Hendrickson to enhance commercial vehicle stability, handling and comfort. Stabilisers play a key role in truck and bus suspension designs and are becoming increasingly important in weight-critical applications for the next generation of trucks. Stabiliser Design and Testing Each customised component is designed, prototyped and tested by our engineers to meet vehicle manufacturer requirements and Hendrickson's stringent criteria. Each stabiliser design is tested in our lab and in real-world conditions, providing the end user with innovative and cost-effective solutions. These proprietary competencies enable us to continuously improve our manufacturing quality and production processes for all our components and suspension systems. Lighter and Value Added Hendrickson tube stabilisers are up to 45 percent lighter than solid stabilisers and significantly reducing both unsprung and total weight. Our stabilisers help the end user meet today’s fuel consumption challenge and the expectations of higher payloads. Our expertise lies in medium- to large-diameter stabilisers. Hendrickson delivers state-of-the-art tube stabilisers with diameters up to 65mm and a wall thickness of 10mm. In addition, our advanced two-stage coating line ensures anti-corrosion surface protection, resulting in superior durability and added value for the end users.

Bus Welded Stabiliser

Whatever your spring or stabiliser requirements are, Hendrickson holds the solution for your transportation needs. Hendrickson has over 100 years of experience in the global heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry, that’s why . . . The World Rides On Us ® .

Heavy-Duty Welded Stabiliser

Tube Stabiliser

IFS Stabiliser Bar

Solid Rear Stabiliser

U-BOLTS & FASTENERS Europe’s leader in the production of U-bolts

Hendrickson produces suspension U-bolts, wheel studs and threaded bolts using advanced technologies, especially in the key manufacturing processes of thread rolling, heat treatment, bending and GEOMET anti-corrosion protection. Decades of experience and technical expertise enable us to design, test and produce tough and durable component solutions. Our design and quality standards meet or exceed the strict OEM customer requirements. Our dedicated, highly-qualified employees advanced technologies ensure these standards are met. We are continuously advancing our manufacturing technologies to further increase the quality we provide and to expand our selection of U-bolts.



Through the unrelenting pursuit of innovation and quality for the past century, Hendrickson remains a pioneer in the commercial vehicle industry. Our leadership in the advancement of suspension and component technology has been further enhanced as a result of more than sixty years of elastomer development and over twenty years of elastomer manufacturing experience. These accomplishments allow us to fully integrate systems, modules and components that meet commercial vehicle demands for durability, weight savings and low life cycle costs. TRAAX ROD ® – Family of Torque Rods

• Extended Life Advanced bushings and flat rod body construction work together to provide up to 5 times* longer life than competitive torque rods and conventional double shot bushing assemblies. • Flexibility Available with straddle or taper pin bushing design. • Broad Application Bushing and rod bodies specifically designed for each capacity and application criteria.

• Weight Efficiency with High Strength No castings needed. Manufactured using high-strength materials utilising Hendrickson’s expertise in robotically-welded fabrications .

• Packaging Available in a variety of lengths and hub sizes.

• Durability Rod body and bushing designs meet rigorous testing parameters required for all Hendrickson products.

* Based on internal testing of bushing walkout, retention and durability. Actual product performance may vary depending on component and vehicle configuration, operation, service and other factors.

Additional Torque Rod offerings ULTRA ROD ® and ULTRA ROD ® PLUS Torque Rods TRAAX ROD ® Torque Rod Bushings Offering a wide variety of bushing designs to meet global application or attachment requirements. From light-duty on-highway to demanding vocational applications, our designs are tailored solutions to deliver extended performance and restrict walk out. Whatever the application requires – reliability, outstanding durability, articulation, innovative designs – we are pushing the boundaries of torque rod performance for your transport needs. Forged or cast rod body construction with unique bonded bushings provide structural integrity, while the unique bonded bushing reduces the friction and heat that can damage ordinary bushings – for longer life and greater payload.



Taper Pin


Rate Ring



Hendrickson’s unique elastomer design capabilities result in higher performing, more durable, maintenance-free components.

Why use rubber in heavy truck suspensions? • Reduce overall suspension weight • Lower component costs • Increase durability in harsh operating environments • Ease of service and replacement Spring Eye Bushings

• Reduce maintenance – requires no lubrication • Provides isolation and damping through energy absorption • Add system compliance for greater articulation and mobility

Spring eye bushings are designed as a system providing enhanced spring performance in the areas of roll stability, ride and durability.

Bar Pin

Thru Bolt

Rate Ring Cartridge

Rubber Springs Our advanced components have redefined the way rubber spring suspensions perform. The innovative, high-grade rubber designs withstand heavy loads in rugged applications.

Progressive Spring (ULTIMAAX ® 460/600)

Shear Spring (ULTIMAAX ® )

Progressive Spring (ULTIMAAX ® 40T)

Progressive Spring (HUV ® )

Progressive Spring (ULTIMAAX ® 32T)

Bolster Spring (HAULMAAX ® EX)

Progressive Spring (HAULMAAX ® EX)

Beam Bushings

Premium rubber beam end bushings provide enhanced flexibility between the beam and the axle to absorb braking and accelerating forces and provide designed articulation / compliance to help ensure high-mobility demands. Equalising beam center bushings are designed for specific types of Hendrickson walking beam suspension capacities and configurations to maximise system performance.

Rate Ring End Bushing

Spherical End Bushing

Voided Center Bushing


Hendrickson Corporate Offices 840 South Frontage Road Woodridge, IL 60517-4900 USA +1.630.874.9700

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Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems Oceania Hendrickson Austrailia 32-44 Letcon Drive Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175, Australia +61 3 8792 3600 Hendrickson New Zealand Unit P, 24 Allright Place Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1006 +64 9 570 4721 W&C Korea 4ma 502-1ho, Sihwa Industrial Complex, Seonggok-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Korea, 425-836 +82 31 434 1730 Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems China No. 1668 North Section of Chunbo Road, East New Dist of Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China, 250104 +86 531 8880 9055 Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems India Plot No. 4 & 5, Gat. No. 679/2 Behind Hotel Gandharva Alandi Kuruli Road, Kuruli (Chakan) Taluka Khed, Pune 410501, India +91 2135 662600 TATA AutoComp Hendrickson Gate 431,1 Medankarwadi Chackan - Alandi Road Taluka Khed, Pune 410 501, India +91 2135 670600

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Hendrickson Europe is a leading manufacturer and supplier of U-bolts, fasteners, stabilisers, steel and composite springs, axles, lift axles and suspension systems to the European market.

Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems Europe GmbH Gussstahlwerkstraße 21 8750 Judenburg, Austria +43 664 817 13 60

Weights and rated capacities in this publication are listed in metric tons (t). Actual product performance may vary depending upon vehicle configuration, operation, service and other factors. All applications must comply with applicable Hendrickson specifications and must be approved by the respective vehicle manufacturer with the vehicle in its original, as-built configuration. Contact Hendrickson for additional details regarding specifications, applications, capacities, operation, service and maintenance instructions. Information contained in this literature was accurate at the time of publication. Product changes may have been made after copyright date that are not reflected. All trademarks shown are owned by Hendrickson USA, L.L.C., or one of its affiliates, in one or more countries.

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